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Other Services by a Roofer in Guildford, Dorking, Reigate & Surrey

The team of roofers at SGG Roofing & Dog specialise in installing brand-new roofs and carrying out general maintenance duties at older properties in and around Dorking, Guildford and Reigate. Domestic and commercial clients throughout Surrey can rely on our expertise in lead work applications to resolve any issues which affects insulation and waterproof capabilities. Our additional services focus on preserving all kinds of pitched and flat roofing structures with a comprehensive health check for essential roof repairs.

Roof Health Check

New roofs installed by professional roofers such as ourselves are less likely to suffer damage when compared to properties with older pitched or flat roofing membranes. In severe cases, weather damage leads to issues with damp and mould, as well as rotten or broken roofline components attached to old and new roofs. This is the result of extreme weather exposure caused by strong winds, heavy rain and fluctuating temperatures. 

At SGG Roofing & Dog, our roofers strongly recommend Dorking, Guildford, Reigate and Surrey clients invest in roof health checks every 2 years to avoid costly roof repairs. Our highly-competitive rates for overhauling roofs and guttering systems start from only £55.

Here is a full list of tasks which a roofer carries out at properties in Dorking, Guildford, Reigate or the wider Surrey area:

· Cleaning out down pipes and entire guttering systems to relieve blockages

· Inspecting the joints and fixings of down pipes and gutters for any weaknesses

· Checking exterior roofline components at Dorking properties for water damage or sagging, such as timber fascias, soffits and bargeboards

· Removing any dirt or rubbish that has built up in chimney back trays or lead valleys and box gutters

· Ensuring lead work is properly secured to the brick work at Surrey properties with old or new roofs

· Checking the condition of all lead pointing to guarantee it is firmly intact

· Assessing pitched or flat roofing structures for splits in the lead work sheeting

· Identifying any slates or tiles that have slipped or become loose at Guildford venues

· Making sure ridge and hip tiles are secure and cemented to continue supporting the rest of the tiles

· Examining the tile hanging for any signs of damage

· Verifying any dormer windows are properly sealed around the window frame to prevent Reigate clients suffering from water ingress and damp

· Inspecting flat roofing surfaces for faults, including splits, cracks, bubbling or blistering

· Removing any moss growing on the top of buildings with flat roofing surfaces

· Analysing cement at the ends of the roof for holes, cracks and structural damage 

· Evaluating chimney pointing and pots for any cracks or other signs of deterioration

Additional Roof Repairs

Following in-depth checks at properties throughout Dorking, Guildford, Reigate and Surrey, our skilled roofers carry out the following roof repairs to maintain structural integrity. These are available on an emergency callout basis too. 

· Multi Pitches

· Multiple Step Flashes

· Load Damp Course

· Welded Lead 

· Welt Joins

· Granny Bonnets

· Lead Work for Dormer Windows

· Coated Lead Work

· Hand Wedges and Pointing 

· Hand Dressed lead

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