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Re-Roofing and Installing a New Roof in Dorking

At SGG Roofing & Dog, a professional roofer in dorking will install a brand-new roof as part of our re-roofing services for home and business owners in and around Dorking. If you need extensive roof repairs, we check the health and condition of flat, slate or tiled roofs for small to large-scale jobs. Our team specialises in fitting new lead roofs, torch on felt roofs and pitched  roofing projects too.

Re-Roofing Explained

Re-roofing completely replaces flat roofing membranes, slates, tiles or lead work sheets to reinforce the strength of your roof. Extensive roof repairs like these tend to take place at older Dorking properties that have become worn with age. Like installing a new roof, a roofer fits new membranes to the entire surface, or covers isolated areas with welding joints, corners and flashing techniques. Our roofers at SGG Roofing & Dog are trained to undertake re-roofing work for approved insurance damage, which can result from extreme weather damage.

Planning permission for re-roofing jobs may be required at your Dorking property due to the following reasons:

· Ensuring any roof repairs and replacements adhere to UK building regulations

· Assessing the materials used by a roofer improve the property’s insulation 

· Checking if slates, tiles, lead work and other membranes match the original aesthetic

Materials for New Roof and Re-Roofing

Slate Roofs

Natural slate is 100% recyclable, fire-resistant and durable. Once fitted, Dorking clients aren’t likely to need any replacements for up to 75 years. Slate is available in a broad selection of colours and textures, and it maintains a traditional appearance for older, listed properties.

Tiled Roofs

Concrete and clay tiles are widely available in naturally tones. They are designed to easily connect and prevent water ingress, which can cause leaks that require immediate roof repairs. Our roofers fit tiles for pitched new roofs and carry out re-roofing for older Dorking properties.

Lead Work Roofs

Lead work sheets offer a traditional style for Dorking homes and places of business. The material is environmentally friendly, recyclable and robust. Lead work is also resistant to corrosion and UV damage. 

Benefits of Lead Work for New Roofs

1. Extremely Flexible – Lead sheeting is easily installed for flat roofing structures. It is malleable and can be stretched to fit around new roofs that are oddly shaped. Lead expands and contracts so that fluctuating temperatures won’t cause cracks or shrinking. Otherwise areas of the roof can be exposed to leaks.

2. Watertight Seal – Lead work provides a 100% waterproof seal, which a roofer ensures by applying sheets with the proper adhesive. The same material is used as protective flashing for the edges and joints of pitched and flat roofing membranes. 

3. Life Span – Lead work applications last for up to 800 years once a roofer has completed a re-roofing job or a new roof installation at your Dorking property. 

4. Eco Friendly – Lead is highly sustainable and is one of the widely recycled metals in the world.

roofer in dorking

roofer in dorking