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Reasons for Needing Roof Repairs in Reigate

If you’re suffering from a leaking roof, we carry out emergency roof repairs at your Reigate property. We supply a roofer to undertake a complete health check of your roof and recommend ways to prevent water damage from affecting your home or place of business. This includes fitting old and new roofs with lead work, slates or tiles. 

The main causes of leaks are due to worn flat roofing membranes, aged roofline components or overflowing gutters. Our specialists in roof repairs and maintenance services identify problems and complete roof repairs in a speedy fashion. 

Leaking Roof Repairs

Reigate clients benefit from being vigilant and calling a roofer as soon as there is an issue. This can result in costly roof repairs if left unattended. Damage can occur due to extreme weather or poorly fitted flat roofing membranes at Reigate properties with flat new roofs or older pitched roofs.

At SGG Roofing & Dog, we provide home and business owners with a roofer who is skilled at fixing leaks quickly and efficiently. This ranges from replacing a new roof with slates and tiles, to adding lead work flashing, welding corners and joints, or fitting lead damp courses for flat roofing structures.

Top 4 Causes of Leaking Roofs

1. Deterioration from Age

Roofs and roofline components experience wear and tear over long periods, especially due to weather exposure. Slates and tiles can crack and slip, while flat roofing membranes are prone to tearing and warping. Our roofers recommend traditional lead work sheeting to clients in Reigate as an extremely durable solution. Lead work sheeting is perfect for maintaining insulation at your property and lead roofs last for more than 100 years!

2. Pitched or Flat Roofing

with flat roofing membranes can cause standing water, which means the excess rainwater is not properly drained from your roof. This can be due to an uneven roof surface creating the pooling effect. If the water doesn’t evaporate within 72 hours, this causes leaks if there are holes in the membrane that require roof repairs. Reigate properties with multiple pitches or oddly shaped structures are also affected by the flow of run-off water. If gutters or downpipes are not properly positioned, clients will encounter drainage issues. 

3. Weather Damage and Corrosive Elements

Old and new roofs encounter weather damage from gale-force winds that often result in broken or missing slates or tiles. This compromises the watertight integrity of the interlocking edges. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can have a negative effect on flat roofing membranes, which create blisters and tears. At SGG Roofing & Dog, our roofers specialise in lead work applications to protect old and new roofs from the effects of the natural elements.

4. Blocked Guttering Systems

A build-up of debris, such as leaves, soil, twigs, snow or ice, obstructs top gutters from draining the run-off water. This causes standing water to collect on flat roofing membranes. Our expert roofers recommend that home and business owners in Reigate check their gutters during the change of seasons when clogs are likely to happen. 

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch! At SGG Roofing & Dog, our roofers are here to inspect the health of your roof and the condition of gutters or downpipes in a safe and professional manner.