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Checking Your Property for Roof Repairs in Guildford

Before calling a professional roofer, domestic and business owners in Guilford can check the condition of their property for roof repairs. Simple spot checks will ensure your old or new roof is not left to suffer from prolonged damage that results in costly replacements. Inspecting pitched or flat roofing components, such as membranes, lead work sheeting, fascias, soffits and chimney stacks, will benefit clients when conducted in a safe manner.

Carrying Out Spot Checks

We recommend that clients in Guildford organise periodic inspections during the changing of the seasons. Checks should also be scheduled after extreme bouts of weather, such as gale-force winds or rainstorms. Exposure to extreme weather affects pitched and flat roofing materials, such as membranes, slates and tiles. Roofline components, including gutters, fascias and soffits, can also be damaged or dislodged.

Here are some common issues that roofers suggest Guildford clients should be looking out for:

· Build-up of moss over pitched roofs

· Standing or pooling water on flat roofing membranes

· Clogged or broken gutters and downpipes

· Warped or loose-fitting fascias, soffits and bargeboards

· Cracked or missing slates and tiles and ridge tiles

· Cracking and flaking of cement

· Cracking, splitting and bubbles appearing on flat roof

· Loos fitting lead flashings

If you’re frequently experiencing leaks at your Guildford property, our roofer undertakes roof repairs, such as lead work flashing, to cover up any exposed part of the roof letting in water. For complete re-roofing jobs, pitched and flat roofing membranes can be completely replaced with durable roofing materials to prevent further water ingress. 

At SGG Roofing & Dog, our roofers fix damaged gutters, which are prone to holes, blockages or becoming displaced from their original position. Each of these faults create drainage issues if not repaired quickly.

Roof Repairs Check List 

1. Search flat roofing membranes for blistering, bubbling, holes or tears

2. Check new roofs for pools of water or circular stains

3. Look for any missing or broken slates and tiles

4. Assess timber fascias, soffits and bargeboards for signs of rot

5. Ensure pitched and flat roofing components are secured, including gutters

6. Clear gutters from any rubbish or debris 

Health and Safety

We strongly advise that Guildford clients take care when conducting spot checks and that health and safety precautions are met when accessing greater heights. If home or business owners are not comfortable climbing a ladder, a qualified roofer will check on their behalf.

Pitched and flat roofing components, such as fascias and soffits can be examined at ground level. If you need to unblock gutters to drain rainwater from your flat new roof, we are trained reach areas that are very high and hazardous. 

At SGG Roofing & Dog, our friendly roofer carries out emergency roof repairs, health checks and lead work installations for old and new roofs at affordable prices.